250k+ immigrants relocate to Canada every year. 40% of small businesses in Toronto are owned by immigrants.

12% of immigrant-owned businesses export to markets beyond the U.S. compared to 7% owned by non-immigrants.

Profit growth for these businesses averaged  21% annually, while profits of non-immigrant exporters declined by 2%.

Ontario and Quebec have the largest share of export businesses owned by recent immigrants.

Source: Conference Board of Canada


Canadian immigrants are some of the most brilliant minds in the game, creating phenomenal business ideas which have the potential to become the next big thing. Unfortunately, most of those ideas do not see the light of day. At Valu Ventures, we accept the challenge with open arms. We take you on the fast lane to get your ideas ready for the grueling world of real business. We can not promise to make your idea the next big thing, but we can certainly make it the next best thing.

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We are a community of entrepreneurs who care about value—both financial and moral. As a social enterprise, we provide immigrant entrepreneurs in Canada with resources, advisors, investors, strategic partners and clients to make their businesses profitable revenue generators and active contributors to the progress of the diverse communities they operate in.

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Robert Herjavec

An immigrant success story

Robert believes in constant forward hyper momentum. In his words, “The minute you think you’re successful, is the beginning of the end.”

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