We might not be the next big thing, but we surely are the next best thing.

We are a community of entrepreneurs who care about value—both financial and moral. As a social enterprise, we provide immigrant entrepreneurs in Canada with resources, advisors, investors, strategic partners and clients to make their businesses profitable revenue generators and active contributors to the socio-economic development of the diverse communities they operate in.

We work to support immigrant entrepreneurs in Canada by providing them a platform where they can be fearlessly entrepreneurial. Value Ventures does not only help entrepreneurs roll up their sleeves and get their business ideas off the ground, it also takes a hands-on approach in capacity building and becomes an active partner in the venture.

Value Ventures believes that business can be a force for good. The startups we support are mostly social enterprises, with a triple bottom-line; people, planet and profit. Being Value Ventures, we believe in preserving and building up values, both moral and financial.

By doing what we do, we also salvage the oft-stigmatized persona of men and women in business—cold, disdainful and selfish. We are in the business of creating social impact for people whose lives are touched by our work every day, and we are none of these. We are warm, empathetic and giving.

We support early stage startup companies by providing them various services ranging from office space to mentoring and access to capital. We specialize in working as a one-stop shop for immigrant entrepreneurs in Canada who want to start social enterprises. Our focus remains on helping the most vulnerable segments of society that traditionally face barriers to employment and business.

In almost all cases, we follow a lean startup approach where the focus is on minimizing initial capital outlay through an agile test-and-learn methodology and extensive customer participation in development and optimization of the minimal viable product through detailed market sizing and customer need analysis earlier on in the process. We do this by becoming a part of the team of entrepreneurs and taking a hands-on approach. We believe that the best way to be successful in business is to be in business.