Entrepreneurs & Professionals

Make your success an ‘inspiration’


As an experienced entrepreneur or professional, you can get involved by becoming mentors and subject-matter experts at Valu Ventures. By adding your wealth of knowledge, you can help a future entrepreneur take his or her idea off the ground.

As mentors, we encourage you to share your secret of success with aspiring entrepreneurs, but also to share your learning from your setbacks.

Your contribution to immigrant entrepreneurs will be recognized every year at Valu Ventures events and through our various publications. The best of mentors are also recognized at the Valu Ventures Hall of Fame for having made remarkable social and financial impact.

Make a Real Impact

Tell us a bit about yourself to join us as mentor.

You know what success is. You’ve experienced it as an entrepreneur and as a professional doing what you love. It is time now to share your story with those who’ve just embarked on their journey to success. Inspire them with what made you successful, but also share with them your learning from your setbacks.

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