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In order to help you set sail on your journey to entrepreneurial success, we provide you a free one-year membership that includes access to online resources, mailing list, research material and discounted passes to our events. Memberships can be purchased for subsequent year or you can apply for one of the other two streams.

The content posted in the membership area of the website is available only to the registered members. This content is frequently updated and new material is posted on a regular basis. Some tools and resources available in this area are proprietary to Valu Ventures.


What you get as a member

We take our relationship with our clients seriously. We want to make sure what you get from us is nothing but real value. Here’s more about what you get when you sign up for Valu Ventures as a member.


Online Resources

By providing you useful content at your fingertips, we minimize the time it takes from idea generation to commercialization.

Free online content includes latest industry reports, sector research and general information on setting up your business for success and minimize your costs.

  • Industry data for Canada and the globe
  • Mailing list
  • Online tutorials
  • Self-help Curriculum



Our events range from informal guest speakers sessions to formal fundraisers. Being a member ensures that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with the people who matter in the world of business.

When it comes to raising your and your business’ profile, Valu ventures events is the place you’d like to be seen at!

  • Notifications of open-enrollment events
  • Discounts on paid events
  • Free webinars and workshops

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