How We Add Value

Value is defined by the customer.


To us, adding value is not about being caught up in your own brilliant idea, but to be able to see how that idea converges with the customer’s idea of value.

That’s easier said than done. Sometimes, the customer’s idea of value – or at least the customer’s articulation of that idea – is an illusive concept. Henry Ford knew this all too well when he said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

That is precisely our way of adding value, with one major caveat. We talk to the customers—both ours and yours—and we patiently listen to their idea of value. Then, we simply go beyond it.

Skin in the game

We are not a venture capital fund. We are not a consulting firm; not even a business incubator. We are all of that, and more.

The way we are different than anyone else is the attitude we bring to the table. We partner in your success, and also in your failure. We are one team, so when things get challenging, we don’t look away but do what we can to fix things for you – and for ourselves.

Our business model for our high-potential clients is based on equity partnership. We do that because we want to hold ourselves accountable for our work.

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