The Impact

We don’t confuse activity with achievement.


Through our work, we strive to build an egalitarian society that  affords equitable rewards for entrepreneurial initiative, hard work and intelligent risk taking. We do not just work with our clients to create success stories and leave it at that; we share those success stories and promote the work of immigrants in other communities as part of our commitment to achieve a cultural shift in how entrepreneurship is viewed – a daunting feat suited to a select few. We focus on:

  • Supporting innovative social enterprises run by immigrant entrepreneurs that develop solutions for most pressing socioeconomic problems faced by Canada.
  • Investing in firms that can scale up by creating collaborative relationships with strategic partners, experts and mentors.
  • Areas that have the best potential to create employment by matching business ideas with the available skill base.
  • Promoting an entrepreneurial culture among immigrants by creating awareness of the upside of risk-taking.


Creating the gold standard

Valu Ventures is becoming the gold standard of entrepreneurship for immigrants in Canada. We champion the rights of Canadian immigrants to build businesses that would create employment for Canadians and contribute to the country’s economic output. This is a paradigm shift in terms of the role of immigrants in the Canadian economy and society.

Traditionally, the success of immigrants is measured by their level of integration into the culture, their comfort with their daily lives and their status as taxpayers.

At Valu Ventures, we believe that the standard for measuring the success of immigrants in the long term should not be different from the criteria applied to non-immigrants. This includes their success as entrepreneurs and the degree of their involvement in Canadian economic, social and political systems – not merely as beneficiaries but as contributors. We aspire to establish this as the gold standard for immigrant success in Canada.

Valu Ventures is proudly Canadian. Maple_Leaf.svg


She turned around and said, “So what are you doing about it?”

You’re not too fond of clichés, right? Neither are we. That’s because we seethe at the idea of not going beyond the rhetoric to actually creating value – social, environmental and economic. We not only talk about a triple bottom-line; we live it every day through our work.


We believe that a business doesn’t necessarily win at the loss of everyone else. As a social enterprise, we strive to create equal benefits for all sections of the society. We care for the communities our businesses operate in. In fact, that’s our raison d’etre.

  • Equal opportunities for all
  • No to exploitation
  • Shared business benefits


Creating financial value while destroying the natural value makes no sense to us. We try to benefit the natural order or at the very least, minimize the environmental impact. We do this conscientiously and not only because it’s cool. That’s how we find meaning in our work.

  • Use renewable energy
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Save all species


Creation of economic value serves to complement the triple bottom-line. As a sustainable social enterprise, we emphasize creation of economic profit as much as we emphasize people and planet. To us, the revenue and costs of our work is not limited to the internal accounting.

  • Complementary to 3BL
  • Holistic measurement approach
  • Reinvest in 3BL

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Our work is meaningless, unless it adds value.