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We offer various services tailored for immigrant entrepreneurs in Canada. You can simply sign up for FREE membership for a year and get access to online resources and events, avail selected fee-based services (V-Create), or go all out and have a longer-term partnership with Valu Ventures to avail a host of services (V-Acstream).

In almost all cases, we follow a lean approach where the focus is on minimizing initial capital outlay through an agile test-and-learn methodology and extensive customer participation in development and optimization of the minimal viable product.

    • Co-working space with all you need to set up your business (launching soon)
    • One-on-one mentoring with experienced entrepreneurs
    • Expert advice from professionals
    • Training, workshops and webinars
    • Structured investor pitch program
    • Networking and knowledge sharing
    • Direct partner engagement with high-potential clients
    • Awards and recognition
    • Strategic partnerships

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