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Our mission is to create the same business opportunities for Canadian immigrants that exist for non-immigrants in Canada and to make those immigrants effective contributors to the growth of the Canadian economy and progress of the Canadian society.

Valu Ventures believes that business can be a force for good. We are a social enterprise that works to support immigrant entrepreneurs in Canada by providing them a platform where they can be fearlessly entrepreneurial. Valu Ventures does not only help entrepreneurs roll up their sleeves and get their business ideas off the ground, it also takes a hands-on approach in capacity building and becomes an active partner in the venture.

Being Valu Ventures, we believe in preserving and building up values, both moral and financial. By doing what we do, we also salvage the oft-stigmatized persona of men and women in business—cold, disdainful and selfish. We are in the business of creating social impact for people whose lives are touched by our work every day, and we are none of these. We are warm, empathetic and giving. We are global citizens and have a real passion for diversity. By constantly seeking global partnerships with like-minded organizations—most of whom, may we admit, are much ahead of us in the game—we learn and synergize as we go along.

In Canada, we partner with the government, businesses, universities, non-profit organizations and people in diverse communities to create value for all stakeholders. At the same time, we care about the environment and are concerned by the human activities impacting our climate. The startups we support are mostly social enterprises, with a triple bottom-line; people, planet and profit.

We are hopelessly optimistic when it comes to the human spirit. We believe in the limitless potential of human endeavour and stand for equal opportunity for everyone regardless of his or her age, race, gender, sexual orientation, education, religion and culture. If given equal opportunities, all humans can contribute immensely to the progress of human civilization based on their unique talents.

Valu Ventures was established to address the economic issues faced by immigrant families in Canada, despite the best efforts of the government and other stakeholders to provide a level playing field for all citizen groups.

In particular, the need for a special focus on helping immigrants become effective contributors to the country’s economy was felt. Deliberations on issues such as income disparity and precarious employment gave rise to the idea that more needs to be done to channel the enormous potential of Canadian immigrants toward small businesses, whereby they can become a source of employment for all Canadians and ease some of the economic pressures due to rising unemployment rates.

This does not undermine the importance of taking direct action to address the root causes of the economic disadvantages faced by immigrants, but only serves to provide better economic alternatives to reduce reliance on the unpredictable job market.

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